Cleaning FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Making decisions, whether simple or complex require access to the right kind of information. We have taken time to provide answers to frequently asked questions and hope these answers will help you in selecting a cleaning service provider that best suits your needs.


Our employees are background checked to ensure the safety of our clients and their valuables. Our vetting process includes obtaining a police background check, personal reference check, a previous employer’s reference, a copy of a valid means of identification (original is sighted), proof of address, completed guarantor’s forms and physical verification of employee’s residence.
We carry Professional Indemnity from Leadway Assurance Company Ltd. This is to protect you against damaged property or injury to person while our staff is on your property performing cleaning services. We can upon request provide our proof of insurance.
All employees, regardless of experience level, must go through Basic Training before they are assigned to a client. At the Basic Training, each employee will be taught how to perform each cleaning task in accordance with Blossom Crest’s trusted processes and standards. They will also be taught health and safety procedures. This guarantees consistency and excellence in the quality of cleaning your office or home will receive from our staff. Thereafter, regular, advanced trainings are organized to keep our employees abreast of new trends in the cleaning industry that can be deployed for the benefits of our client.
Yes, we guarantee all of our work, all of the time. “If we don’t do what we say we will, we’ll return to put it right at no additional cost to you.”
Yes, we will be glad to provide you with customer references once you have received the formal quotation from us and are serious about going ahead. We also have some testimonials from our existing customers on our website. See our Customers’ Verdict 
Yes, as far as is practical. We always try to maintain continuity by using the same staff on a client’s contract. This helps to build extensive knowledge of the site, a healthy relationship and trust between the cleaning crew and the client, and leads to increased security for our clients.


Simply call 090-6000-7785 for a free consultation or request a quote from our website and we will be happy to set up our FREE sample cleaning so you can check us out first hand!
Click here for a comprehensive cleaning checklist. The cleaning checklist can be altered to suit your unique needs and budget.
Yes. We supply all the labour, equipment, machinery and materials required to carry out all our cleaning tasks. Upon specific request from a client, we could regularly supply consumables such as tissue papers, hand towels, air fresheners, trash can liners etc. Consumables are invoiced separately from the cost of rendering cleaning services.
We recognize that no two facilities are the same and no two client has identical cleaning needs; therefore, we prepare a unique cleaning package for each client after due consultations with the client.
Our commercial cleaning rates are very competitive but vary as a result of several factors which are not uniform for all clients. In determining our commercial cleaning rates, we consider such factors as the size and location of the business or home, the number of employees, the type of cleaning services needed as well as how often the client would like cleaning done.
No, as we cannot ensure accuracy over the phone.  If you are interested in cleaning services for your home or office, please call us to set up an appointment or complete the Request Quote Form on our website. One of our cleaning supervisors will come to your home or office to perform a free assessment. As part of your estimate, we will customize a cleaning plan and checklist of services that would fit your specific needs. You will hear back from us with your estimate within 24 hours of the assessment.
Payment can be made by direct transfer to the Company’s bank account. Details of our payment policy will be provided when a quotation is sent to you.
We aim at delivering a seamless changeover; therefore, we plan in great details and liaise with the client to achieve this.
This would depend on the type of cleaning. For residential cleaning, usually no contract is required to be signed. Both parties (Blossom Crest and the client) would be guided by a written proposal which details the services to be provided and the cost of providing these services (as stated in the quotation). For office cleaning/janitorial services however, a formal contract would have to be executed by both parties. The terms of the contract would be discussed and agreed to by both contracts. Our contracts are flexible to accommodate the specific requirements of each client.


This is achieved in several ways: Firstly, our cleaning technicians are trained on the cleaning standards expected for each cleaning task, they are trained on the documented cleaning processes for achieving these standards and the onsite supervisor reinforces these cleaning standards and processes during the weekly training sessions.Secondly, the onsite supervisor is empowered to enforce compliance with the cleaning standards and processes.Finally, the Quality Control Manager frequently visits cleaning sites to monitor compliance with the Company’s cleaning standards and processes. During these visits, he obtains firsthand feedbacks from our clients that are used to improve our service delivery.
We value feedbacks (positive or negative) from our clients as they help us in our goal of continuous improvement. It is for this reason that the Company makes its Complaints Handling Policy available to the client detailing the steps that would be taken to speedily resolve issues clients are dissatisfied with. Click here for a copy of our Complaints Handling Policy.


We are very flexible and can arrive at any time that suits you. This can be early mornings before your staff arrive, during the day, or in the evening after everyone has left for the day.
No, provided we are given access to your office/home. However, you will be charged a lock-out fee should we arrive at your premises at the scheduled time and we are delayed access for more than 30 minutes after arrival. We will remind you of your cleaning appointment by an email, text message or WhatsApp message.
Yes! A home cleaning gift certificate can make a wonderful present for any occasion (for instance, a new mom or the elderly). Contact our office to learn more about some of the unique gift certificate options we offer.
We accept cancellations or rescheduled appointments 48 hours in advance. Please understand that we book our appointments very early, so rescheduling or cancelling an appointment on short notice is often very disruptive to our business operations.

For additional cleaning information, please visit: Resources Page